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Not Quite

Friday, August 7, 20209:28 PM(View: 334)
Not Quite
I’ve grown so wise in the time spent here
Have read my share of books that bear
The wisdom of men and their philosophy
I’ve grown so wise that I can barely see, God

Fellowship is an important component in the Christian religion. It is important because it gathers and unites a community of believers together to share their faith and spirituality in the Lord Jesus Christ. A fellowship consisting of brothers and sisters in Christ do not have to solely be within a church. Instead, it can be anywhere. Whether it is leading a Bible study group in the comfort of your own home or even meeting together with other believers to discuss the Word of God at a coffee shop, the unity is still heavily present and active. Matthew 5:6 states:

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”

Therefore, it is imperative that we as a community seek God’s blessing and love. As flawed humans, we exhibit a variety of negative emotional aspects, such as arrogance, pride, and selfishness. We have to break down those walls that barricade us from coming forward to God. Without Him, we are nothing and we would not be where we are at today. Keep Him in your heart and mind now, and forever more.

May God Bless You All ~

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AURA is a Christian based, minority-serving university, which educates students for careers in the healthcare professions. AURA emphasizes the values of faith in God, love of humankind, and belief that all people have a right to healthcare and deserve a good quality of life based on the wellness of body, mind, and spirit. The university celebrates diversity and reaches out to groups currently underrepresented in healthcare and research. AURA provides the undergraduate and graduate curriculum, hands-on practical training and supportive environment required to create competent and compassionate healthcare professionals.
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Our God is an awesome God. He watches over us, loves us unconditionally, and provides us with everything that we ask for. He is also a very patient God.
Friday, August 14, 2020(View: 494)
Where there are believers, there are non-believers who oppose and reject God and His Word. In Biblical times, this opposition and rejection emulated in the form of verbal slander
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